Pure Luxury: Silks, Laces, and More!

At Goodnight Goodmorning we truly try to carry something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quality bra to fit your budget, or something luxurious to pamper yourself, we have it all.

One of our favourite brands we carry is the Canadian designed lingerie brand Christine, who specializes in beautiful silk nightwear. One of their nightgowns was recently featured in the popular Netflix movie, “Gerald’s Game”.

Pale Blue nightgown by Christine, featured in ‘Gerald’s Game’

Another brand our customers really love is Fleur’t. They carry beautiful robes, nighties, and nightgowns with soft lace and soft modal. They’re available in sizes S-XL. We just received this beautiful deep red for fall.

For beautiful lingerie made with french lace and a beautiful cut, Lise Charmel is what we refer to as the Porsche of lingerie. They’re beautifully designed and expertly crafted to bring together and unify comfort and fashion.

Lise Charmel is exquisite, and available in both small and larger bust sizes to accommodate a range of sizes.

In addition to these collections, we carry brands that may not be labeled as luxury brands per say, but definitely put out collections every season that scream beautiful. Some examples would be Empreinte, Simone Perele, and Prima Donna.

Give them a try, and feel the difference. The girls will thank you!

-Goodnight Goodmorning


Best Sellers from Your Favourites

All of our customers have their favourite brand, and within that brand, usually a go-to bra or two that they love. Best sellers are things that just seem to fit – over and over again. We’re going to go through the best of the best from all your favourite brands!

First up is Chantelle, a long time customer favourite that creates some of our favourite basics. The first style, 1891, gives a rounder look (similar to a moulded cup) without any of the bulk. The second, 3585, is unfortunately discontinued (and on sale right now because of it!), but has a super light spacer foam cup. The last is style 2031 and gives a more natural shape with a completely smooth cup.


This bra from Corin seems to fit just about everyone who tries it! Luckily for those who love 3585 from Chantelle, it has a similar fit and is a great option if you’re looking for something similar.

Empreinte is one of our best selling brands for heavy breasted women. Empreinte’s Cassiopee 07151 on the left has no seam and a really beautiful lace. Erin (07148) on the upper right hand corner lifts, separates, and contains the breasts for a minimized look. The last bra, Grace 07134, is a mostly smooth moulded, flat lace that’s perfect as a tshirt bra but adds no bulk!

Marie Jo is our go to for our smaller breasted customers from A-F. Avero is by far their best selling style, and is available in balcony, plunge, sweetheart, push up, and strapless styles. It’s comfortable and lightly moulded, and available in both neutral and seasonal colours.

Prima Donna is a brand loved by many that fills our drawers. It has one of the largest size ranges, starting at a B cup and going all the way to a J! From them, their styles Deauville, Madison, and Divine. Deauville is a full support bra made for heavy breasted ladies who want to be completely held in. It’s comfortable, light, and has a natural shape. Madison is very similar, but lighter and with less coverage. It’s a great every day bra and goes with everything! Divine, the last bra shown, is a moulded lace jaw dropper that’s seamless… it’s a tshirt bra! It has a flat, moulded, structured lace that gives a round look. It’s beautiful, and totally functional.

We sell lots of basics in store, but always have fun seasonal pieces if you’re looking for something bold and beautiful from all of these wonderful brands and more. These pieces have amazing fit, great hold, and have overall great functionality.

-Goodnight Goodmorning


How to Style: Arianne Tops!

For the past few years, Arianne tops have been an extremely successful addition to our store. Made from natural fibres (rayon, a cool soft bamboo fibre), these tops are a soft and comfy way to look like you mean business.

Work apparel doesn’t have to be a boring pantsuit and blouse anymore. People are mixing and matching pieces and looking for fun transitional pieces that are more versatile.

All the outfits shown have a bit of fun added to them, and can be re-imagined with a beautiful Arianne top. If you’re into a more sultry, simple look black or gray is an amazing go to. If you’re a little more outgoing, adding a pop of colour like the beautiful red or light denim is a great way to transition your wardrobe into fall.

They’re available in sizes S-XL, and are fairly generous and roomy. We definitely recommend trying this brand out!

-Goodnight Goodmorning

Collections in store Now!

Day and Night – two fun and flattering collections from Antigel! These two collections have fun printed patterns, but a flat laying fabric making them perfect for wearing under your favourite Tshirt!

We’ve had a few beautiful, richly coloured pieces from Prima Donna and Marie Jo for fall. There’s fun florals, pretty prints, and enough shapes to accommodate every breast type.

Follow and keep up with our blog for more beautiful pieces as they arrive!

-Goodnight Goodmorning

Pajamas to Dream of and Dream In…

We gave you a sneak peak of the beautiful Ringella sleepwear we received for fall, and it’s selling much faster than we anticipated! We’ve received a few more pieces and wanted to share with you the beautiful versatility of this line.

With soft fabric and sweet patterns, these will be your new favourite jammies for lounging.

These are beautiful, quality pieces available in sizes 8-20, so there truly is something for every body.

Ringella makes a great gift for the upcoming holidays if you’re looking to shop early, or a sweet reward for yourself after a particularly difficult week. Regardless the occasion or season, a beautiful pair of jammies is a loving present everyone loves to receive.

-Goodnight Goodmorning

Fall Trend Update: What’s in store!

Different shades of blues have been in seemingly nonstop for the past few years, with soft summery aquas in the warm months, and deep jewel tones in the cool ones. This year is no exception, and we’ve been seeing lots of deep, green-blue tones this season!

It’s nice to see such beautiful, natural tones that suit so many different skin tones.

There’s also been lots of beautiful gray tones. We have beautiful pieces with hints of purple, blue, green, and red.

Gray is just such a comfy colour, and so are the bras! It works great as a neutral and can be worn under most colours of clothing, year round.

If the bright and loud colours that often come with spring aren’t for you, then the beautiful fall collections we’ve been getting in (and will continue to) might be worth checking out! Go for a stroll in Bronte, grab a coffee, and enjoy the nice weather while you stock up on new bras.

-Goodnight Goodmorning

Gorgeous New PJs from Ringella in store!

We’ve received the prettiest pjs, nighties, and robes (and lots of them) from Ringella for fall, and they’re selling like hotcakes! We’re seeing regal prints, Victorian roses, and bright florals.

This new collection is super romantic with beautiful colours and soft, luxurious fabrics. Ringella offers something for everyone, in sizes 8-20!

The Ringella Bloomy pieces are a fun boho inspired line that feel both romantic and peaceful. We highly encourage you to pair your comfy jammies with a cup of tea, and a morning yoga stretch.

We have plenty more in store, and even more on the way! Check in, because these sweet PJs are flying off the racks as the cozy fall season kicks in.

-Goodnight Goodmorning

Dress for Autumn, and Fall in love with new arrivals.

Fall and deep, rich coloured floral just seem to go so well together (especially with this seasons unusually beautiful weather).

Pair your favourite semi-sheer blouse with a gorgeous lace bra for a pop. Whether opaque or see-through, a coloured bra always works well under black.

This fall we’ve also been seeing a lot of beautiful, rich blue tones from some of our favourite brands. We love stocking these types of colours, as they so easily flatter a range of different skin tones.

Fall isn’t only about dark colours – brands like Barbara (top right) and Simone Perele (bottom left) brought in softer takes on fall favourites, mixing lighter colours into their collections. These types of colours pair great under both the lighter and darker pieces in your wardrobe.

We’ll keep posting fall inspiration for you as the season goes on!

-Goodnight Goodmorning