Spring Staff Picks- Anya

This winter has been a series of ups and downs (and these past few days have definitely been an up!), but it that’s not enough to put a smile on your face perhaps the thought of the new spring collection arrivals will boost your spirits; it’s definitely having that effect on us! Although we haven’t received all of our new arrivals yet, we’ve been steadily receiving new products every week.

After contemplating who better to start off our spring favs we thought who better than the store owner, Anya? Without hesitation she picked the beautiful new PrimaDonna Delight, and Lise Charmel’s Sonate En Bleu molded cup bra.


First off is Delight, an absolutely breathtaking collection from PrimaDonna for spring. 12752005_10208615002234832_785687988_oDelight is primarily offered in larger cup sizes which is a blessing for larger chested girls searching for something pretty and functional. This bra is lace cup, full coverage, and full support.

12773330_10208615001914824_1663832127_o.jpgThe small details really make this bra, such as the picot trim elastic bottom which blends seamlessly with the lace, and the lace adornments on the satiny straps.

We’re noticing a lot of blue in both lingerie and swimwear this season and we love it.

One of the great things Goodnight Goodmorning offers is beautiful bras that aren’t limited to a size C or D – we want all women to feel beautiful and that shouldn’t be limited by their cup size! We’re happy to add Delight to our PrimaDonna collection this spring.

12754943_10208615001074803_191877909_o.jpgThe next bra she chose was an easy pick; Sonate En Bleu is another masterpiece created by one of our favourite luxury brands Lise Charmel. Known for their exquisite lace and wonderful quality and fit, Lise Charmel is a splurge but a worthy one. As most of the Lise Charmel bras we receive, it is a molded cup bra which offers an excellent shape and superb comfort.

Like the Delight bra, is offers beautiful soft satiny straps and feminine lace details. We love that this bra places with different blue shades drawing out royal blue, purple, and turquoise. This bra flatters all skin tones and body types.12773040_10208615001514814_1460547383_o

Anya loves sexy feminine pieces and these both fit into that category. PrimaDonna is a house favourite with our customers coming from far and wide to one of the few local shops who offers their bras, and Lise Charmel creates pieces that you want to keep and treasure forever.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peak at some of the new lingerie and are as excited as us for what’s to come!

-Goodnight Goodmorning


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