Get fit in 2016 with Anita Sportsbras!

We’re into the new year and we’ve all made our own personal goals. Some of us want to spend time with family, be less messy, save our money better, or most commonly get fit. Whether you’re hitting the gym, joining a fitness class, or trying your hand at yoga you want to be adequately prepared.

anita-momentum-sports-bra-5529--9725-pAt Goodnight Goodmorning we sell what we think is one of the best lines of sports bras in the world. From Germany, Anita offers lots of different bras in many different styles and models.

For example, if you’re going to be doing high intensity work outs with lots of movement an extreme control sports bra like the one pictured will give you maximum support and maximum comfort


For activities like yoga, golf, and low impact sports Anita offers a lighter anita-front-fastening-medium-support-sports-bra-7664-pbra that will keep you comfortable and in place.

There’s no reason why you should be uncomfortable while you work out, these bras make a world of difference when you’re working out, and they’re a godsend to ladies with larger busts who struggle to stay in place during their activities. Some of our customers, especially our larger busted ones, will buy these bras and wear them in their day to day activities because they offer such amazing support with a surprising amount of comfort.

They offer an impact reduction of up to 80% and stylish effective models. Next week one of our employees will be doing a write up on her experience with anita bras and how they affected her workout, along with comparison videos and photos!

-Goodnight Goodmorning


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