Lots of us are getting the itch to ditch the cold and head somewhere warm. Why not get rid of some of those ancient swimsuits that get tucked into the backs of our drawers and get something you can be proud to strut around in? Here’s some of the great pieces we have in stock currently (and as the season progresses we’ll continue getting more!)

Anita $225


If you find you’re self conscious about your waist or stomach try something with a ruched our patterned front. It will create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and will flatter your figure. This one by Anita comes in both the magenta shown as well as black. It’s super flattering on our plus sized customers looking for a supportive garment that they can feel confident in.

Charmaline $199



Charmaline guarantees to bring you down a full size with their ultra shaping bathing suits. This one to the right comes in navy as well. We offer lots of other great Charmline swimwear that offers great support and structure without the bulkiness some of us have come to expect.

Anita $159

We just got in this great tankini set for our larger sized audience. It has a fun playful print, and is also offered in a bikini style. No need to be shy of print and colour when you look this good!

Lidea $195



In addition to our large selection of swimsuits and tankinis we have quite a few fun bikinis. This one by Lidea has a pretty print. There’s also always a bunch of sarongs, scarves, and cover-ups to choose from. If you need a proper fitting suit of any kind, or maybe you’re having issues finding one supportive enough, we’ve got you covered. These are just a few of many pieces we currently have, and we’ll continue getting more as we get in deeper to travel season.

-GoodNight GoodMorning


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