Anita Sports Bras

This post is for the ladies who are tired of squishing and squeezing into a bra (or sometimes multiple!) in order to give them enough support for their workout. If you want a sports bra that’s style, comfortable, and ultra-supportive, this post is one you should take a peak at.


Anita specializes in bras suitable for women with large breasts, weak connective tissue, or high women who participate in high impact sports. Whether you need something supper supportive and strong, or something on the lighter side for things like skiing and golfing. Before new products are released onto the market, up to 100 women first test them for fit, comfort and functionality.


All Anita products are developed in Germany and produced in their own factories. Their sports bras are available from A to H cup for a range of activity levels. They are constantly working on new products, materials, techniques, and styles to improve their products. By inspecting every material used in production they are always able to guarantee an excellent end product.


This first bra has a really cool look. The cups are slightly metallic and silver, and comes in a few basic colours. It comes in sizes up to an H cup, and offers maximum support. Unlike most sports bras, it has a hook an eye closure in the back. It has an excellent moisture management.



IMG_8986The next bra is a great control bra. It’s sporty, has super controlling panels, and comes in several fun fashion colours! The straps are thick and bend and move along with your shoulders. This one offers extreme control and full support for full breasted women. It’s available in B-H cup sizes and is an excellent choice for something firm that will keep you in place during your workout.


The final bra is a light and firm bra offered in sizes A-G. Something like this would be ideal for low impact sports, or someone who’s looking for a strong supportive bra without the wires.

Anita is brand we’re proud to carry and we love their sports bras, as do our customers. They offer a kind of support that’s hard to find from most retailers. Offering up to 80% less movement and a price point of $120 or less it’s an excellent piece to invest in if you’re fed up of double-bra-ing it for your workout.

-GoodNight GoodMorning


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