Staff Picks – Avery

For today’s staff picks I will be putting up my own two personal favorites! As a self-proclaimed lingerie addict I was highly anticipating picking two of my favorite bras we currently have in the shop, and doing a write up on them. Though it took me quite a long time to pick, I was able to narrow down my choices to two pieces that will be great for the holidays from one of my new favorite lines, Implicite.

Though I’m new to the shop, I’ve already been made to feel like I’m part of the family. We all have such different styles and personalities which bring so much to the table; uniting us is our love of fine lingerie. As a lingerie designer and owner of Bettie Fatal, I`ve learned to be picky with style, quality, and brands. The reason I like this job so much is because I can stand behind the brands we stock, because I wear them myself. As a self-professed lingerie addict, and one of the younger members of our team I hope to help customers break out of their shell and into some fun, beautifully crafted pieces they can feel sexy and confident in.


IMG_4264The first bra I have the pleasure of reviewing is one we just received at the store. It is a gorgeous strappy and lacy number (two of my favorite things!) by Implicite. For those who don’t know as I mentioned in a previous post, Implicite is part of Simone Perele. It’s young, sexy, and best of all extremely well priced.

As someone who firmly believes that lingerie is meant to be seen and not hidden, I love the straps that come across the front of the chest. I own several bras like this. It looks amazing to dress up a plain top or dress in need of a little something extra.


The lace is extremely soft with a low cup and straps that sit comfortably against the body. At only $89 for the bra and $55 for the panties, it’s an excellent present for yourself, or your significant other.


The next bra is also from Implicite. Unlike the previously mentioned bra, it is lined and padded. Keeping with the lace trend, it features a beautiful lace on
the cup, and all the way around the back. It makes an excellent strapless bra, though it does come with removable straps if you need. I love everything about this bra; the price, the quality, the small details… but what really makes this bra unique is the back of it.

If you find you might be uncomfortable wearing sticky cups or another less supportive form of a bra while wearing a backless or partially backless garment, this bra is a great solution! As pictured below, the whole back of the bra is lace. The secret? It does up at the side! Suddenly, you can turn a bra clip faux-pas into a gorgeous fashion statement.

Coming in at $99 for the bra and $49 for the panties, like the red set, it’s an excellent price.

With holiday parties coming up the stress is on to find the perfect outfit to wear. If you want to stand out these bras are definite crowd pleasers that you’ll anticipate wearing again and again. They’ll be on display this week behind our cash desk so don’t hesitate to pop in and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with sizing and helping you find your perfect bra.

Thank you for reading!

Avery – GoodNight GoodMorning


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