Massana Pyjamas

Christmas seems to be inching closer and closer. As we notice the decorations arriving in store, the holiday gear is coming out!

Last week we did a “sexy” pyjama segment so today we want to give you some ideas for a more reserved lady who wants something comfortable, soft, and stylish.

IMG_8904Massana is an excellent brand that we carry with some of the softest fabrics you could ever hope to put on. We have plenty of styles depending on preference such as the top and pant set, nightie, and house coat.


Not everyone finds sexy or showy PJs to be within their comfort zone, which is why we offer something to suit everyone’s needs. This set, for example, is great for someone who generally likes a two piece PJ set to stay cozy as the temperate drops. It has a full length pant (so no room for chilly ankles!) and full length sleeves. If you’re anything like me you take desperate measures to stay warm in the winter and a set like this will do the job.

IMG_8906The nightie, however, is another great choice for someone who wants something more breezy to sleep in. It still offers a lot of coverage and hits and at an appropriate length as well as having full length sleeves. It has cute details like distressed stripes and buttons.

What I personally like and look for in a collection or a brand is how it’s coordinated. When I like something and I know it fits my needs, I like to stock up on all the available options. Massana has a sort of cohesiveness so a lot of the pieces go well together and are aesthetically pleasing. The house coat shown, for example, would match well with any of the pieces previously mentioned.

Though we know the holiday’s are a time of giving with all the hard work and shopping you will be doing, don’t hesitate to treat yourself (or someone in your life who needs it). You can never go wrong with a PJ set. I have yet to meet a woman who won’t be thrilled to receive some nice comfy pyjamas, and that lady might be you!

IMG_8914If you’re in the area feel free to ask our staff to show you the Massana PJs we have in stock. You can feel for yourself how soft they are, and maybe suggest them to someone as a gift to make shopping a little easier for everyone.


GoodNight GoodMorning


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