Staff Picks – Lorna

Time for our second post of staff picks! Today we’ll be featuring two of Lorna’s favourite bras from Chantelle and Marie Jo.


Lorna is a sales associate who was been with us for about 10 years. With a great deal of customer service training in Ireland, along with extensive bra-fitting training at Good Night Good Morning, Lorna has played a key role in our success. Customers are drawn to her extremely knowledgeable and helpful nature, as well as her ability to make people feel relaxed, confident and at ease when shopping for lingerie.

Lorna’s style for bras is pretty, simple, and conservative. She values function and wants her bra to flatter her with a good shape. The first bra she chose was by Chantelle. Chantelle is an excellent French brand which offers high end luxury lingerie in comfortable styles. With over 100 years of bra making experience you can guarantee to love your purchase.

IMG_8897This bra is a favourite, both of Lorna’s and our customers. It’s practical, pretty, and ultra supportive. It comes in the basics (nude and black) as well as our fashion colours which change withe the seasons. We currently stock our basics, and the beautiful vibrant red pictured here. Chantelle is big with our customers who need a functional bra that can be worn for a full day without really realizing you’re wearing a bra at all. You’ll notice that while wearing your proper size in a Chantelle bra, you won’t find yourself having to make any adjustments during the day.


Here’s a close up of the bra. It has a light pattern on the cup, lacing along the edges, and a sweet crystal “C” in the center. At $89 you can get comfort and class without breaking the bank.

Her second bra she chose was an extremely popular style Avero from Marie Jo. Marie Jo is a part of PrimaDonna. Customers of these two brands swear by them.

IMG_8889This bra is excellent. It has soft cups, gorgeous little flower details, and it has convertible straps. We’re constantly having to restock these styles by Marie Jo, because people buy them again and again! Like the Chantelle bra, it comes in both basics (black, white, and nude), as well as fashion colours for the season. Our customers love that though it’s practical with smooth cups and a supportive fit, it has small feminine details. The flowers on the straps and bra center and just beautiful, and the light gingham print just adds a little extra.


Here is a better shot of the pattern and details of the bra. Avero costs $139 and as Lorna will tell you, is an excellent investment into your bra collection.  If you have concerns about the strap, or don’t want a convertible bra, not to worry! Avero comes in plenty of different styles and designs that fit anyone’s needs.


Both of these bras are excellent choices. Both offer excellent support, beautiful feminine touches, and great price points. Lorna will be gone for the next few weeks home to Ireland (and we’ll miss her!), but in the meantime we have lots of other excellent people who work here who are more than happy to offer their bra fitting expertise.

GoodNight GoodMorning


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