Implicite is a part of the Simone Perele house. They offer gorgeous lingerie for smaller busts. Implicite is a dream for lace-lingerie loving ladies. It’s safe to say the majority of what they produce features at least a little (or a lot) of it.

Though their size range may be limited (most styles are offered in B-D), their designs on the other hand are not. At Goodnight Goodmorning, we stock this absolutely beautiful set (and a larger cup version, though it is completely sheer with lace and no padding or lining).


The lace is so delicate and soft, and because it’s flat this would be great for girls who find themselves irritated by certain laces. The quality is excellent and the little details really make it for me.

How the cupping is done is just wonderful. Somewhat unusual, but very trendy right now. The little “V” in the panties and bra are to die for.


Absolutely gorgeous.

Not to mention the price, which is beyond reasonable. Not much more than a VS bra, but with much better quality.



The bra comes in at 75$, and the matching panties at $32. A full set for under $110? That’s a steal in my books. The nude bra is also 75$.

If you’re in the smaller cup range and find yourself looking for a gorgeous little black lace set, you know where to find us!

GoodNight GoodMorning


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