Princesse Gothique – Lise Charmel

What can one say about Lise Charmel…. It’s luxurious, romantic, regal… the things dreams are made. Their brand has been around for more than half a century ago in Lyon (the silk capital). They’re a fabulous French label known worldwide for their haute-inspired designs and superb quality.

At GoodNight GoodMorning we’re lucky enough to stock this beautiful brand in small quantities. At the higher end of our price range, it’s definitely a splurge, but a piece you can look at the way you would art. The lace and Swarovski details are to die for.IMG_8919

One of our sets we have on display right now is from their collection Princesse Gothique. We offer it in Ciel (a light, powdery blue) in our standard cup size, and both Ciel and Black in our larger range.


Here are some detailed shots so you can better appreciate how beautiful the lace is;


Gorgeous, isn’t it? Definitely worthy of the name “Princesse”.


The larger cup version is definitely on the simpler side, but makes up for it with tiny Swarovski details and beautiful lace details.


As mentioned, these bras are on the higher end of our price range, but
definitely worth it if you’re looking for a “wow” piece to add to your collection.



The prices are as follows;

Bra: $275
Thong: $155
Larger Cup Bra: $275
Panties: $178

Lise Charmel is in a word; breathtaking. If you get a chance to see and experience it in person, you’ll completely understand why as a lingerie addict, I find this bra drool worthy.

Even if this bra might not be in your price range, you’re welcome as always to come in, get a fitting, and try it on. Our staff will be more than happy to get your size to try on. You may find it’s worth the splurge!

Thanks for reading!

GoodNight GoodMorning


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